Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog <3

Hello all.

So this is me. I started a blog to try and help myself get back on the band wagon with exercise and eating healthy. I did great for a year, you know, totally avoiding unhealthy food without missing it and exercising like it was my JOB!
However, lately I have been pretty lazy. I am hoping to start this blog so I know longer feel (and look) like a small beluga whale. Although they certainly are cute in the water, not so much on land.
I want to feel good about myself. Not only look all jacked and toned and HAWT but also I know that I will have more confidence and a higher self esteem. So please feel free to watch me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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Anonymous said...

welcome to the blogging world!! youre gonna love it :) xoxo