Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long Day!

3 Bud Lights and a shot of Tequlia later.. Im a little crunk.

So today, I got up around 7. I felt like I needed more sleep so I just lounged around in bed and kept thinking how I should get up. But I fell back asleep. Fail! Oops. When I finally did wake up I made myself a bowl of delicious oats and decided that it was time to shake the manski (my boy) awake. I made some coffee for the both of us. It was a pumpkin spice New England Coffee brand. It was delicious!

I went to the gym and did about 20 minutes running at 6.0 and then 10 minutes on the elliptical. I was sooo into this murder-crime show but this old man turned the station and then proceeded to do backwards walking on the tredmill. I figured he would eventually turn back around and enjoy whatever he thought was better than my crime show!

After that, I headed into work. It wasnt too busy tonight. I didnt mind. I made some money then went to the bar and had a few. I saw a man I waited on and he said to me...

"Congratulations on getting off.......................
Uhh.. I mean for getting out of work"
"Thanks.. Sir.."

It was a tad awkward. I recovered though.


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