Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its been a while.. :)

Damn, really need to stay on top of this thing! Life is good. I LOVE my job. I am working at Healthy Maine Partnership. Becoming the intern there was seriously such a blessing for me! I dont think I could have gotten any luckier.

We do a lot of out of office stuff, which is great. We are promoting antitobacco films that local middle school and high school students made. The videos are pretty good, too.

Ive also been hangin' out with this man lately..

Thats maa boyfriend.. I sware that my heads not THAT big in real life ;)

My favorite part of my job that I am working on is the diabetes education we are doing. There are a lot of people in the area who just don't know how to manage their diabetes through diet and exercise. We are showing them easy and simple substitutions to make their life healthier. I feel really good about myself using my knowledge to help them.

I really hope this blog "makes it". I would LOVE have to people comment and be able to make somethin' of it :)

How is everyones week going? It is so great there is only 28 days in February.

My trip to St. John is in 5 days and I am more than ready to be out of New England for a little bit!


Gina said...

Feel free to e-mail me any time.

Regarding your post, I enjoyed diabetes education when I was in my internship. I sometimes hope to do it again one day! Currently I am in workplace wellness, which is a lot of fun.

Have a nice night!

Anonymous said...

wow your job sounds AWESOME girl! im so jelous! thanks for your comment too!